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Where are our visitors from?

Our School (serves the community of Andoversford)

Inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem ‘The British‘, we have written our own poem about our school.   Our School (Serves the community of Andoversford)   Take 92 children and a handful of teachers. Leave to thrive for 88 years. Add a pinch of wake and shake to begin your day, Blend with a dash of […]


We have been working hard to learn the songs for our production of Annie which is in the last week of term. Here is the song Opportunity which we have been learning today! Keep listening and singing along!  

Our Trip

On the 7th of June Squirrel Class went to the Think Tank in Birmingham. This is an amazing Science museum where we saw many things including: a science garden, stuffed animals , a recycling corner, an enormous bucket which tipped out water and many other things! The main reason we went there was to do a robot workshop […]

Art Styles Around the World

On the  20th of May 2016 our fabulous teacher (Miss Thomas) set our class  a mini project to recreate and write about our favorite art style/artist from around the world! Some examples are  Rangoli Patterns (India), Banksy/Graffiti (England/America), Silk Paintings (China) and Aboriginal Art (Australia). We all enjoyed this homework thoroughly and would love to do […]

Portraits of the Queen

On Monday the 13th June we were set a challenge for the Guinness World Book of Records to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. The challenge  was to draw a portraits of the Queen. Our whole school from Reception to Year 6 and all the staff are going to  make one, they will join together to […]


Over the last few weeks we have been having cricket lessons from the Gloucestershire Cricket Board. We have all enjoyed this lesson and we have all thoroughly improved playing. We really enjoy having our coach Craig teaching us really good skills and to persevere in what we are doing. We have learnt many skills including bowling, […]

DT week!

On the last week before half term (May 2016), we had a phenomenal time making our buzzer games in DT week! We had many different fabulous  designs (which you can see at the bottom). At first the buzzers annoyed everyone, but then  we got used to it. Do you want to know how to make […]

Rounders Tournament

On the 17th of May, a team from Andoversford Primary School went to a rounders tournament at St Edwards school. This day was really fun but tiring as well! Our first match was against Gretton. We did not win this game, we lost by a couple of rounders! But we hadn’t warmed up so we did much […]

Science Investigation – Materials And Their Properties

This term, we have been finding out about materials in Science with Mrs Witcomb! For one of our science investigations we tried to figure out what would inflate a balloon.  First, we got  the ingredients that we needed. Here’s a list of things that we needed: vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, a bottle and a balloon. Then, we […]

Get Well Soon Sophie!

Poor Sophie has broken her arm doing backflips on her trampoline! Get better soon Sophie!

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