To Our Friends in Barcelona

Hello again to our friends at the American School of Barcelona!

We loved reading your postcards. Sadly they arrived too late to send you postcards back- so we have written you replies on our blog pages! We hope you enjoy reading them!

To Pola from Ollie

To Pola from Kiera

To Oriol from Liam

To Oriol from Milly

To Maor from Lauren

To Kaito from Patrick

To Kaito from Phoebe

To Rau from Jasmine

To Rau from Pearl

To Hugo from Sophie

To Hugo from Matty

To Miriam from Mia

To Miriam from Naomi

To Victoria from Rita

To Mario from Danielle

To Marco from William

To Victoria from Jamie

from Bailey


We hope you enjoy our replies!

Have a lovely summer!

Your friends from Squirrel Class 🙂

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