Our School (serves the community of Andoversford)

Inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem ‘The British‘, we have written our own poem about our school.


Our School (Serves the community of Andoversford)


Take 92 children and a handful of teachers.

Leave to thrive for 88 years.

Add a pinch of wake and shake to begin your day,

Blend with a dash of fun.

Mingle with memories of egg-rolling and productions,

And season with thrilling themes.


Mix some β€˜fandabbydozy’ footballers, graceful gymnasts

And superb scientists

Along with magnificent mathematicians, wonderful writers,

And amazing artists.

Combine these with good leaders, believers and achievers,

The committed and creative.

Stir in the determined, dedicated and daring

With some class clowns and friendly faces.

Add a dab of perseverance,

A fusion of respect and self-belief,

A splash of enjoyment

And a hint of innovation and achievement.

Sprinkle on some friendship, courage and adventure

And prepare to explore our amazing school!


Note: All ingredients have different opinions, personalities and beliefs.

Warning: To keep the school together as one, treat all ingredients equally and with respect.

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  1. Awesome poem

    Give yourself a pat on the back well done me!

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