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We’re the topic of a Huffington Post article!

Look whose letter is the topic of the top post on Huffington Post! Have a look here! They even managed to get us a response from the Department for Education! Thanks @AmyPackham

An open letter to Nicky Morgan from Year Six

Dear Nicky Morgan, We- the Year Six pupils of Andoversford Primary School- are writing to your department regarding this year’s SATS reading test, which was incredibly long and stressful for many children, as well as using texts that were difficult and uninspiring. Firstly, we are deeply disappointed by the poor quality of the texts included […]

Well done Pitter Patter Paddy!

Well done to Pitter Patter Paddy for winning the “student of the week” trophy for working very hard on his lines and songs for Stagecoach this week.  He is practising for his part as John in Peter Pan on 2nd July. Congratulations!

Blogger of the week #2

This week’s blogger of the week is Marshmellow88, whose blog you can find here! She has especially thought about an eye-catching layout, and has included lots of different posts including some of her artwork and poems! Well done Marshmellow! 🙂

Problem Solving Challenge!

We were set a Problem Solving question by Tim from GlosMaths, who knows that we like a challenge! The problem was this: Bert and Ernie both have some money. Bert says to Ernie “If you give me a pound, I will have double your amount”. Ernie says to Bert “Yes, but if you give me […]

I Am… Invictus!

Squirrel Class are showing their support for the unconquerable wounded heroes at the Invictus Games! We have been watching the games all week and have been so inspired that we created a video of support for the UK team. Watch our inspirational ‘I Am…’ video. #invictusgames @weareinvictus

The Invictus Games

As part of our understanding of the importance of accepting people from all over the world with all kinds of differences, today we watched footage of Day One of the Invictus Games. It was incredible! We couldn’t believe how brave the athletes involved are, and how they have been through so much but are still so […]

Nicky Morgan, watch out…

After sitting their Reading SATs this morning, the Year Sixes were so disappointed in the paper that the Department of Education set for the 600,000 Year Six children around the country that they asked to spend the afternoon like writing a letter to Nicky Morgan.   We aren’t allowed to share the letter yet, because some children […]

Around the World… so far!

Wow, what an amazing response to our blog- over 2,000 visitors in one weekend! We spent the afternoon locating the different countries around the world and the towns around the UK where our visitors come from- it took ages!! Thank you all for visiting! Don’t forget to complete our speedy survey on the right of […]

Around the World in 80 Clicks- Please complete our survey!

Welcome to our blog! It’s still early days, but our challenge is for our blog to ‘travel’ as far around the world as possible. Do you know someone in another country? Or are you in another country? You have already helped us because each time someone looks at our blog, the computer recognises which country you […]

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